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I get an error dialogue each time I try to launch the TypeMock Configurator from the VS Tools menu.

The text of the dialogue is transcribed below.

"Please send the following error to TypeMock Support: The system cannot find the file specified
at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start()
at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
at TypeMock.AddIn2005.Connect.a(String A_0)"

This problem appears to have started after I uninstalled a v4.1.0 version and re-installed a 4.0.3 version, though I cannot be certain. I am now running v4.0.3.

Environment as follows:
Windows XP Pro SP2
Visual Studio 2005
.NET framework 2.0.50727 SP1
asked by Ency (1.6k points)

1 Answer

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I'm guessing that the roll back somehow damaged the installation integrity.
for some reason the VS Add-in fails to find a needed file.

what i would try to do is:
1) see if the problem persists after a restart.
2) close all IDE's and uninstall version 4.03.
3) manually make sure that the add-in was removed from:
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftisualstudio8.0Addins
4) install 4.03 again.

If that doesn't work let me know.
:idea: for the meantime the Configurator can be also lunched from the "All programs" menu
answered by lior (13.2k points)