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I realise that this is not a feature at the moment, I was wondering if this is planned to go in, and if so, when?

To be clear, the issue I have is that if you place a ExpectAlways or AlwaysReturn on a MockAll mock, then it doesn't work for instance mocks that are created later. I'd like for TypeMock to check if there is an expectation for a particular method in the MockAll mock if the instance mock doesn't explicitly expect it.

Basically I'm trying to do something like this:

1) Create an instance mock and stub all methods (either ExpectAlways, or AlwaysReturn with a default return value)

2) Specify particular return values for a chosen method on all instances of the same type.

3) Have subsequently created mock instances of that type inherit the return values specified in 2.

I can do 1 and 2 (by adding the expectation into any existing mock instances), but not 3. Is there any way to achieve this currently?


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asked by rorydriscoll (3.8k points)

1 Answer

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Hi Rory,

We had several requests to do defaults and fallbacks. So this is on our feature backlog. As always, I would like other people to chime in regarding about the usefulness of such a feature, so we can prioritize it accordingly.

By the way, you can do the following topic in the Help file: Repeating Expectations in Natural TypeMock. You can use Repeat to override RepeatAlways.

Let me know if this works out for you.
answered by gilz (14.5k points)