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I am trying to mock some old code and needs to mock bools and ints in some Natural mocking.

I see on you forum that mocking of mscorlib types has been requested a long time ago, but I don't see any followups. Any news on this issue ?

Jes Ramsing
asked by Larovia (3.8k points)

1 Answer

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MSCorLib types are still not mockable. However, that means that you cannot mock methods on these types. If you are trying to return bools and ints from methods of all other types - you can do that of course.

For example, if you have a type ClassToIsolate which has a InstanceMethod that returns 3 as int, and you want to return 5 you can us this type of code:
   public void TestWithNatural()
     using (RecordExpectations recorder = RecorderManager.StartRecording()) 
         ClassToIsolate mockedInstance = new ClassToIsolate();
         int i =  mockedInstance.InstanceMethod();

Please take a look at the examples at:

If you need some more help, please post your code and what you would like to mock, and we'll continue from there.
answered by gilz (14.5k points)