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Hi Everyone,
We are happy to announce that Version 4.2 of TypeMock Isolator is now officially released.

A few of the new features included in this release are:

:arrow: Mocking Fields - Typemock Isolator supports mocking field members that are class type. Using field mocking users can mock calls made on internal fields inside other mocked objects.

:arrow: Improved Chain Mocking - Usage of repeat and RepeatAlways will now be applied to the entire chain.

:arrow: Debugger integration - Debugging your test is now much more easier thank to the visible marking of mocked methods and the ability to evaluate methods call without changing the general test behavior.

:arrow: DotTrace 3.0 support - The new release of DotTrace profiler (3.0) is now supported and can be linked to run with Typemock Isolator

:arrow: Final Builder Support - Typemock Isolator Task for running test with mocking enabled was created for the Final Builder Tool.

:arrow: Previous Performance issues when running on .Net 1.1 were resolved.

:arrow: many other bug fixes

For a complete list of changes please refer to our release notes
Please add your feedbacks to te forum.
asked by lior (13.2k points)

1 Answer

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Hi Everyone,
along with the official release of 4.22 we have included the following list of changes:

:arrow: The Integrated Help can now be downloaded by everyone.

:arrow: Added API for disabling Automatic Field mocking when using Natural Mocks.

:arrow: Custom Decorators can be instructed to run without invoking the decorated method.

:arrow: To the integration API we have added API for starting Typemock enabled processes without blocking on them.

:arrow: Bug Fixes:
  • * Fixed internal problem of using the Isolator under the 2008 MSTest framework. This issue has caused simple mocking of instances to fail from time to time.
    * SQL classes are now handled Better.
    * Mocking Generic methods defined inside non generic class now works.
    * fake return values are now validated to be of the correct type even for Generic Types.
    * Filed Mocking error messages now points to the correct API usage.
    * Fixed wrong handling of static constructor when encountered inside a recording block.
    * Integrated help is now installs correctly on 2003 (only).

Please add your feedbacks to the forum.
answered by lior (13.2k points)