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I have just begun looking into Typemock and I have come across a big obstacle. The problem is that normally the execution time for our integration tests is about 1 sec a piece. However, when I enable Typemock and execute them in "Not debug" mode the execution time jumps to about 40 sec. If I run them in debug mode with typemock enabled the execution time is about 3 sec. I am using MSTest and the problem seems to be the same regardless of whether the tests are run from within VS05, from the commandline, or through TFS.

The test looks essentially as follows :


using (RecordExpectations r = new RecordExpectations()) {
r.MockAllInstances = true;
DefaultChannelFactory<IUValueBasedataProvider> baseDataProvider = new DefaultChannelFactory<IUValueBasedataProvider>();
baseDataProvider.Channel.GetFillingBasedata("", new Dictionary<string, UValueFillingRecord>());
r.Return(new DynamicReturnValue(ReturnFetchedFillingBaseData));

baseDataProvider.Channel.GetCombinationBasedata("", new Dictionary<string, UValueCombinationRecord>());
r.Return(new DynamicReturnValue(ReturnFetchedCombinationBaseData));


The mocked calls are WCF calls to another service. We are currently using the trial edition of version

Any ideas as to what might be the cause of this slowdown?. As I said, I am newbie, so I might well be that I am doing something wrong.
asked by lro (600 points)

1 Answer

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It's hard to see the problem from this example.
Can you please send us an example project that we can build and run?
I'll send you a mail with my address offline.
answered by ohad (35.4k points)