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Hi everyone,

We've just released Isolator v4.3. This version includes both new features and bug fixes. The new features include:

* New API:
- You can manage add-on packs for Typemock Isolator with the new namespace Typemock.Integration.Packs APIs. Want to build your own pack? Let us know!
- Use the RecorderManager.GetMockOf, and partner MockManager.GetMockOf to retrieve the mock controller for a specific instance reference
* 64-bit installer. There's no need to install both 32- and 64- bit versions anymore!
* Ivonna support – Register your Ivonna license through Typemock Isolator
* Typemock Isolator no longer supports .Net 1.1 and Visual Studio 2003

Here's the complete list of fixes in this release:

* Fixes to DLINQ support. LINQ Queries with data tables now work better, for example with GroupBy.
* Static constructors in Natural Mocks are now invoked correctly.
* A bug that caused an exception to be thrown when mocking interfaces ("Method XX in type IMyInterface has no matching overload that returns TypeMock.Mock+a) was fixed.
* A bug that caused an exception to be thrown when the mocked object was overriding Equals was fixed.
* A bug that caused failure in mocking explicit interface with the same name was fixed.
* A bug ocurring im multithreading scenarios in VerifyWithWait was fixed.
* A bug that causes NullReferenceException to be thrown when using Auto Deploy was fixed.

You can download the new version on the download page:
asked by gilz (14.5k points)

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Hi everyone, Isolator 4.3.2 is released and you can download it from the download page.

This is mostly a bug fix compilation, but there are a couple of new things:

  • 1. We've added support for ExactMagic's TestMatrix code coverage tool.
    2. It is now possible to mock two interfaces with the same name, but belong to different namespaces.

There are two breaking changes from versions past:

  • When using Natural Mocks, static constructors are now called by default. That is, not mocked. Like any default discussion, this may lead to breaking tests that were built under the former assumption. However, we made that change based on the feedback we're seeing, and also by support calls.
    The other breaking change is when you mix conditional return values and unconditional ones.

The list of bug fixes:

  • Apart from changing the default, static constructors are now acting in a more stable manner.
    Large memory was consumed when mocking a lot of interfaces. Projects that did that a lot ran into memory problems. Now they don't.
    FailedWhenCalled was not behaving correctly on a chain.
    A NullReferenceException was thrown when mocking a security object (specifically IPrincipal).
    An event was called twice (instead of once) when the handler was a static method.
    "Out" parameters were sometimes returned empty, instead of the set value.
    The "7 days left" pop-up reminder now is shown only once, not every run.

You can download it from the download page.
answered by gilz (14.5k points)