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Im trying to get TypeMock.Net v to work with my msbuild script. This is running in the TFS 2008 environment. I continually get an error indicating TypeMock is not enabled.

My question is: Can I do this with the evaluation version or must I have a paid version of TypeMock in order to get this to work?


asked by josephmolloy (680 points)

7 Answers

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Did you use the start and stop tasks?

Check out the documentation here :
answered by dvdstelt (5.3k points)
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Just to clarify, the evaluation contains all feature as the full paid version.
In older releases we did have a community version which was for free, but it did not include all capabilities (specifically it didn't contain TFS integration, or any other build server integration capability)

Therefore, if you are still under the evaluation period try following the link given in the previous reply and let me know if you still don't succeed.
answered by lior (13.2k points)
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I currently have -77 days left on my evaluation period.

I had previously used the TypeMockStart & TypeMockStop tags in my msbuild file but was given a message saying I needed a licensed version of TypeMock in order to use these.

So as long as I am within the evaluation period these commands should work?

BTW, Im using TypeMock.Net v4.1.0.0
answered by josephmolloy (680 points)
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I thought the licensing had changed for version 5. I wasn't sure about it changing for older versions. Are those limitations still in the older versions?
answered by howaldmg (1.9k points)
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Hi Joe,

I think that what you see is that the evaluation period has expired 77 days ago, and not you have 77 days to left for evaluation (usually you shouldn't get more then 21 days for evaluation).

if i am correct then the TFS tasks should not be working and you should get a license warning.

I have a feeling that your machine has reached some sort of bad state confusing our licensing mechanism. I would suggest that we take it offline and ill help you "fix" the installation on that machine.
I'll send you an email offline.
answered by lior (13.2k points)
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lets try to explain in short the licensing scheme:

In versions prior to 5.0, we had 3 licenses types, each allowing a different subset of feature to be used:
community, professional, and enterprise.
The "evaluation license" is the same as the enterprise license, but is limited to a 21 days period.

From version 5.0 on-wards, there is just one feature set (i.e. all the features) but we have two licenses types:
commercial and personal according to the where the product is used.

In any case, the product is still available for a 21 days evaluation period.
Hope this clears things
let me know if there are any more questions
answered by lior (13.2k points)
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Please contact me offline, that would be great.

Thanks for all the feedback.
answered by josephmolloy (680 points)