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0 votes
Hi, do you provide a free community edition or not?

More specifically, there's a blogpost
Typemock Isolator costs €449.

Good news: there is a Community Edition that is free[1]. When you download the Isolator you get the full Enterprise Edition and after 21 day the evaluation licence expires and you're left with the free features only.
at ... lator.aspx

and a comment from someone who states that there's no free edition.

Can you please clarify?
asked by andreister (3.4k points)

2 Answers

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Hi, found this one

From 5.0 there's no community edition. For the commercial version, you get all the features in Isolator, including the new AAA API. Also, as always, we roll out bug fixes with every release, so it's great value.

Gil Zilberfeld
Typemock Support Team

Too bad...
answered by andreister (3.4k points)
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There's no free community edition, but you can get a free license if the work you're doing is for an open source project. I've blogged about the details of the license or you can go straight in and request one.
answered by tillig (6.7k points)