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I'm currently running into an issue where I'm trying to test a WCF behavior that implement IErrorProvider. In the HandleError() method, the client has created a class that requires us to call a static method. So I'm trying to hook that method call via Fake.StaticMethods. However, I keep getting inconsistent behavior when I run the tests. I've created a project that I'd be more than willing to send to the TypeMock folks to demonstrate the issue.

Well, the sample project I created doesn't quite give the same problem. My tests in the sample project will succeed the first time, and then fail every time after that. In the "real" project code (that I can't ship to anyone) the test succeeds but VsTestHost.exe will crash with a System.ServiceModel.Diagnostics.CallbackException. But to make a long story short, there's a fair amount more going on in the "real" code than my test project, but I'm guessing by looking at the test project that might help out with the real issue.

Any help/ideas/WAGs would be appreciated :)

asked by jasonbock (1.2k points)

3 Answers

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Hi Jason,

I agree we should start by figuring out what's failing on your sample project; Can you send it to support at

Typemock Support
answered by doron (17.2k points)
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I just sent the zip file to the support e-mail - hopefully we can figure it out.

BTW I ran the Isolater Trace tool. The first time I run the test, I see that it hooks the static method. The 2nd time, it doesn't (for some odd reason).

answered by jasonbock (1.2k points)
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This really had nothing to do with TypeMock. The mocked method was being called on another thread. The first time the test was run w/o VSTestHost being in memory, the race condition didn't occur. After that, it did. Using a ManualResetEvent fixed it.
answered by jasonbock (1.2k points)