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I'm using Intellitest in version 5.4.2, but I'm stuck on auto generating fake argument. I have Resharper installed.

This is the code I typed in:

  presenter=new Presenter<RibbonForm>();

And here's the Presenter class
    public class Presenter<T>
        where T: RibbonForm
        public T WinForm
        { get; protected set; }

        public Presenter(T winForm)
            WinForm = winForm;

RibbonForm is a control from Syncfusion.

At this point I can see a FakeRibbonForm Intellitest icon on the top, with "Alt+/" on the right.

But no matter what key combination I press, still there is no fake statement generated.

Anything I do wrong?
asked by nsoonhui (59.1k points)

2 Answers

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Hi Soon Hui,

I've tried reproducing this issue using Syncfusion Ribbon Form but it seems to work with Intellitest.

I think that a log of this issue would help our investigation.

To enable logging:
1. Unload Typemock.Productivity (option -> Add-in manager)
2. Open Typemock configuration (Typemock -> configure typemock Isolator)
3. Enable logging (Under Visual Studio tab)
4. Reload Typemock.Productivity add-in

I hope that we'll have clues inside the log why Intellitest won't generate suggestions.
answered by dhelper (11.9k points)
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Hello, I think I got something here: I will send the log file via email.
answered by nsoonhui (59.1k points)