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0 votes
VS2010 can execute tests in parralel. Is it supported by typemock?
asked by tom3m (9.7k points)

15 Answers

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Is there any update on the status of adding the feature for Parallel execution of unit tests?
answered by dblack (8.4k points)
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A little more than 6 months since last reminder. Time for a new one.

So, guys, how is the push for parallel support coming on? As you probably remember (at least maybe Ohad) I have a workaround using some sly MSBuild trickery to enable MSTest process parallel runs, and it works (thx again Ohad for rubber-ducking me on the remaining issues there ;-)).

But this solution is still not optimal for several reasons. The common cause for this sub-optimality is that each MSTest process only takes one test container (assembly). Therefore we end up with a lot of test runs with associated deployment folders, test run logs etc. A huge factor in disk space required (as of TFS 2010 this stuff is even stored in the TFS databases causing headaches for IT-Support and further hacking from our side) plus time consumed setting up the deployment folders (for all those test containers that rely on deployment). Furthermore we end up with a trailing period where MSBuild use fewer and fewer cores while there are still tests scheduled to run simply because the parallel granularity is to big (assembly level rather than test level).

To add to that we cannot benefit from my MSBuild trickery when running tests from within Visual Studio, for obvious reasons.

So, the real and optimal solution is native support for in-process parallel test execution, and the question is of course, as in the last couple of posts, is it ready yet/soon?

answered by brumlemann (2k points)
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This turns out to be more tricky then expected. We found that if 2 tests run and both create new threads and fake the same static method, we can't figure out which fake to use. We have some ideas on how to solve this, but it is taking us more time then expected.
At this time, I cant tell you when this feature will be available.
answered by scott (32k points)
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You could setup individual AppDomains but the overhead involved in doing so might not be worth it.
answered by dblack (8.4k points)
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I created a post for this subject in the "Feature Requests" category which seems a more appropriate location.

Here is the link:
answered by dblack (8.4k points)