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0 votes
I notice that in 6.0

 Isolate.WhenCalled(() => ObjUnderTest.MethodUnderTest(Something.Other().GetStuff()))

is no longer working.

But in previous version it was working.

Why this is so?
asked by nsoonhui (59.1k points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Isolator 6.0 has a new feature that identifies nested calls which are not supported in WhenCalled and Verify. Nested calls where not supported in previous versions of Isolator and led to wrong behavior recording. The new version reduces it by notifying during the behavior recording.

The correct code should be:
var arg = Something.Other().GetStuff();
Isolate.WhenCalled(() => ObjUnderTest.MethodUnderTest(arg))
                .WithExactArguments().WillReturn(...) // Specific arguments

Isolate.WhenCalled(() => ObjUnderTest.MethodUnderTest(null)).WillReturn(...) // Match all arguments

In the code the nested call result is stored in a variable before the behavior recording and avoids the nested call.

Typemock Support
answered by Elisha (12k points)