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I know R# dotCover is in early phases of development, but it is something I am evaluating as part of our tool set and is important to get it working with Typemock.

I am using VS 2008 Pro with Resharper 5.0 and the Resharper Unit test runner works just fine with Typemock , however, dotCover fails . When I run dotCover I get the standard error that Typemock gives as if it were not enabled. In VS.NET I don't have dotCover in my drop down to the Typemock UI dialog to _link_ Typemock with dotCover . Is there a file I can manaully edit to link them, since the UI doesn't have dotCover yet ?

asked by Rybolt (3k points)

13 Answers

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I got the following information from Jetbrains:
I'm sorry about the delays. I can only say that the support in
dotTrace/dotCover is implemented, we're waiting for the corresponding
part in TypeMock which should be ready, but they are performing some
testing. This integration will become a part of dotTrace
4.5.1/dotCover 1.1.1 releases which will be out in... yes, "few more
weeks". Sorry.

Not long now...
answered by halstein (8.7k points)
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I am happy to say that the integration is indeed coming very soon. We're checking to make sure everything works as expected!
answered by igal (5.7k points)
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Ya I will sure vote for typemock, thanks...
answered by kushal_fpost (220 points)