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I'm wondering how you make ***** with this ;-)

I try to evaluate TypeMock for Silverlight 4.0 and I couldn't find any Getting started doc....

-Which references do I have to add? I tried every single of them and it always says "You cannot add...was not build against the Silverlight runtime..."

-What do I have to do step by step, to get all required dll's in the right way and get them finally added?????

Hell, that seems to be rocket science. For "Moq" it's means download, unpack, add reference, code (all in 5 minutes)
asked by nhale (1.1k points)

1 Answer

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Silver unit is open source and its build upon the Isolator.
It seems that the problem is that you need a version the was built against Silverlight 4.
I created a version that was built against Silverlight 4 and Isolator 6.0.4
and you can download it here: ...

Note: If you are using a different Isolator version you can download the sources and build it with the version that you are using.

Please let me know if it helps..
answered by ohad (35.4k points)