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0 votes
We are developing offline and won't get updates automatically. :cry:

Do you provide information about new (maintenance) releases on your website ? :D

asked by htschan (3.1k points)

2 Answers

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Would like to know this too - Had 7.0.3 installed, but couldn't debug with resharper and had to uninstall. Saw the next day that 7.0.4 was released, but no indication what was fixed...
answered by jnus (3.9k points)
0 votes
Our website does not show the latest maintenance version.

You can click on the download button and see the name of the .msi, it has a version number appended to it.

We periodically update the news section of the forum about what is new and keep release notes in the online documentation.

I will forward a request to see how we can can make our maintenance releases more visible.
answered by yoel (1.9k points)