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I keep having tremendous problems using typemock in a distributed environment. Every time, after updating typemock, I have to manually remove and re-add all references to the typemock libraries. For a lot of other libraries I use NuGet.

Even when the machine has the same update to typemock, I still have to update the references. Why is this? And why is it not possible to let NuGet manage the dependencies on typemock. This is a severe restriction for such a serious library. :(
asked by halcwb (5.5k points)

2 Answers

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Thanks for the feedback.

We're addressing this problem in version 7.0. In this version you will not have to replace the references when installing new Isolator version.

It'll be here soon :)

Typemock Support
answered by Elisha (12k points)
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That is really a great relief, looking forward to that, thanks. :)
answered by halcwb (5.5k points)