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I am encountering an issue when using Typemock under Visual Studion on non-admin user. A warning icon/message such as "Trust issue warning" is missing or does not show up when I am logged-in as non-admin user. I am using licensed Typemock Isolator 6.1.2.

Is there a way of fixing this issue so I am not forced to using an admin user.

Please see attached screen shots.


typemock non-admin.png (Missing warning icon when logged-in as non-admin)

typemock admin.png (Warning icon when logged-in as -admin)
asked by rocerojohn (600 points)

1 Answer

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Hi John,

The message is one of Typemock's features called TestLint.

The specific error you got is not related to admin privilege, it points out that you can't trust the test because you have logic in it.

The differences between the two users is that Test-lint is disabled in the admin account and enabled in the other account.

If you wish to disable this feature in this account too, go to VS ->Tools -> Extension Manager and Disable Test- Lint.

Basically, Test-lint should work with the new API (Isolate) and you work with the old one.
This might be the reason message pops(the is no logic in this test) so it must be a bug.
answered by alex (17k points)