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I downloaded Typemock 7.3 and upgraded from 6.0.10 and all my C# unit tests passed when run locally within Visual Studio 2010 Premium. We Upgraded our TFS Build server with the 7.3 server software (also from and newly submitted builds are now failing with almost 45% of our unit tests reporting the following Exception:

Test method Ellucian.Dmi.Client.Test.LegacyDmiClientUnitTest.SendBytesUnitTest threw exception: 
*** Faking non-virtual methods is not possible in InterfaceOnly design mode. Use [Isolated(DesignMode.Pragmatic)] to fake this. Learn more here

Of course, when I add the suggested Design attribute:

[TestClass(), Isolated(Design = DesignMode.Pragmatic)]

and kick off another build, I then get the following Exception:

Test method Ellucian.Dmi.Client.Test.SecureLegacyDmiClientUnitTest.SecureConstructorWithCertificateHostnameOverrideUnitTest threw exception: 
*** You are using Isolator Basic version, which does not allow Pragmatic design mode.
Would you like to try the Complete features? Click here:

The person in charge of licensing is out today, but the last information I had on our Typemock 6.0.10 TFS Server license is that we purchase

Typemock Isolator - Build Server Edition (1) License

and I don't see anything like that for download.

Is this a simple matter of there being a different server version we should have upgraded to? Are there other changes I need to make to the previously working Typemock 6.0.10 unit tests to get them to run on the build server with 7.3.0?

Thanks for any assistance... (especially since our builds are now failing until I figure this out, and/or until move the 200+ failing tests to a non-build unit test list).

asked by wep (640 points)
edited by Bar

2 Answers

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Hi Wayne,

It sounds like a licensing issue.
I'll send you an email regarding it.
answered by alex (17k points)
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Thanks to Alex, the problem did turn out to be our build server's license. Once we swapped out our expired license key with our current server license key, the unit tests started working. That includes those we updated to use [Isolated(Design=DesignMode.Pragmatic)] and those we had not yet updated.
answered by wep (640 points)