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I'm not able to easily back and forth between VS2010 and VS2012 because of the need of TypeMock to be linked to a Profiler - and it can only be linked to a single Profiler at any given time.

To run tests in VS2010 I need to have VisualStudio 2010 Profiler linked to TypeMock; otherwise, I get the TypeMock is not enabled. However, when VS2012 is installed it unlinks TypeMock from the profiler.

So to go between the two, I have to link/unlink TypeMock depending on what version of VisualStudio I am running.

I am running v7.1.7
asked by dblack (8.4k points)

1 Answer

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Hi David,

This patch should solve this issue.
Know that there is no need to link Isolator to profilers anymore.
This patch will be included in our next version.

Looking forward for your feedback,
answered by NofarC (4k points)