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0 votes
Hi guys,

Me is just trying to debug a NUnit test from within the smartrunner but it just crashed with the error:

Error: TestRunner process crashed too fast, pausing runner. error code:FFFFFFFF
Debugger service failed to attach to process.
Debugger attach process failure:
Typemock.Common.Core.Exceptions.ScenarioDebuggingException: Armadillo failed to start scenario debugging.
   at Typemock.VSCommon.Debugging.ScenariosDebugger.AttachProcess()
   at Typemock.VSCommon.Debugging.ScenariosDebugger.<DebugScenario>b__c()
   at Typemock.Common.Core.ActionRunner.RunActionAndLogErrors(Action action, String errorText, Action onCatch)

I tried to add the necessary information required:

  • Visual Studio logfile
  • DebugRunner out file
  • TypeMockWeaver dmp file (not sure if necessary or even important for this case)

asked by kimpenhaus (640 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
nevermind - it seems to be related to an .NET 4 runtime issue which I managed to solve (by installing the in-place update of 4.5)
answered by kimpenhaus (640 points)