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First Issue:

I am experiencing a crash of vs2012 every time I start debugging a unit test, if the TypeMock.Runner is installed.

CLR-Error: 80004005

Aside of TypeMock, I have installed in the respective current version via Nuget: PostSharp, NUnit.

Second Issue: :-(

Since I have installed TypeMock seems to have trouble in accepting my License Key. It wants me to purchase a full version, which I certainly have (3 years subscription!)
asked by mph (6k points)

2 Answers

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1st issue:
Can you run VS with logs, make it crash and sent us the logs?
Also, which debugger do you use?

2nd issue:
Can you send me a print screen of the pop-up that you get?
answered by alex (17k points)
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I use VS2012 - Debugger

Here is a pic of the error message. As you can see there is no sign of TypeMock.Runner even so it has been installed.
Error TypeMock I.PNG

I've also added the zipped output of the logging.

TypeMock Error 28Feb2013.7z
answered by mph (6k points)