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Hi Guys!

We're using latest 7.4.3 isolator and VS 2013.
In the VS 2013 I can run tests with code coverage or with profiler enabled.
When running with typemock code coverage works fine.
But I didn't manage to run tests with profiler.
What I'm getting is "Analysis failed" in the VS Output (Performance) window.
If you need any details feel free to cantact me directly in skype (

asked by tom3m (9.7k points)

2 Answers

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I sent you an email regarding this issue.
We will probably need to have an online session to resolve it.
answered by Shai Barak (1.5k points)
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Replied you by email.
Simpler to chat in skype than in email/forum
answered by tom3m (9.7k points)