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I installed Typemock Isolator ver 7.2 and am having a very unfortunate experience.
I am running Windows 8 with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.
After installing Typemock I am unable to run my Unit tests on my Web Project. This issue only affects team members who installed the Typemock Isolator. Everybody else has no issues running these Unit Tests.
The extremely unfortunate problem is that even after uninstalling Typemock and repairing my Visual Studio these Unit tests don't run on my machine anymore. It seems like your software has corrupted something which hinders me to run my Unit tests.

The Error message I receive is:
========== Discover test finished: 1 found (0:00:00,1603518) ==========

asked by JamesKing (8.2k points)

1 Answer

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Hi James,

In the past we had some issues with a windows stack similar to yours but we solved them in the latest version.
Please try to install the latest version which is available here:

In case there are still errors, please send us the error messages.
answered by Shai Barak (1.5k points)