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I have just updated to the latest version of Typemock Isolater, 8.2.3 from 7.5.1. Tests are running fine when I run them through Test  When I run them through the type mock test runner, I am getting an error that log4net could not be loaded.  The application I am testing uses 2 different versions of log4net. Some 3rd party assemblies used an older version of log4net that had has a different public key token than then newer version. To get around this issue, we have a binding redirect in app.config like this

        <assemblyIdentity name="log4net" publicKeyToken="1b44e1d426115821" culture="neutral" />
        <codeBase version="" href="log4netv1.2.10.0log4net.dll" />
Notice that the dll is in a folder deeper in the bin directory. The current version is in the root of the bin.
I am not sure why the typemock test runner loads assemblies but this scenario is not working.  Test handles it just fine.
Also, I can no longer run tests through the test runner.  Is this no longer supported?


asked by juice_johnson (9.8k points)

1 Answer

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We're about to release a new version which may solve this issue.

Can you try it and let me know if it helps?

answered by alex (17k points)
selected by alex
This does solve the issue.

Thanks you.