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In order to profile tests, which are using TypeMock Isolator,  with dotTrace 2016.1 I need to link the dotTrace with Isolator in the Isolator's configuration window.


Unfortunatelly, wjhen I check "Show only available profilers" in the config window the drop-down list with profilers becomes empty and shows only "-None-" element.

When I uncheck the checkbox, and choose "dotTrace 4.5 (and later versions)" the button "Link with Typemock Isolator" remains disabled.

I have found dotTrace documentation about integration with isolator:

In the bottom it refers to registry keys which have to be initialized (in my case they are either empty or don't exist).

Can you please tell how do I need to tweak my registry in order to link dotTrace with Isolator?

Thank you in advance.

P.S. here is my ticket about the same issue for dotTrace

asked by ogg (670 points)
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1 Answer

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It was an issue in our code, so please ignore the ticket.
answered by ogg (670 points)