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I install isolator++ for C++ 3.5 version to a windows server which is a jenkins slave. I also run configuration tool to set the license key.

When I try to run unit test from jenkins slave server within the jenkins job, then I got error:

14:20:24 ************ Typemock Isolator++ Notice *************

14:20:24 Invalid license key detected!

14:20:24 Please enter a valid license using Configration.exe 



However, if I logged in to jenkins slave server and locally run the same command like in the jenkins job, then it works.  

Can you please help on what I missed on the setup?

this is the commandline that I have tried to run unit tests that are using typemock:

.xxxsourceSoftwareBonusbcUTbcTestDebugbcTest.exe --gtest_output=xml:.UnitTestOutput.xml


asked by thaia (600 points)

1 Answer

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Please make sure to set the license with the Jenkins user.
answered by eli (5.7k points)