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I want to create a verification that will accept an object with its properties set up to match an object that will be provided in the code being tested.  I am trying to avoid having to write a .Matching() statement and manually compare the values.  

So this is the object in the method under test that will be submitted:

MiscPayment miscPayment = new MiscPayment 
	// these come from arguments earlier in the method
	PatientID = patientID, 
	MiscPaymentTypeID = miscPaymentType,
	OriginalOrderNumber = originalOrderNumber,
	OriginalStoreNumber = originalStoreNumber
// then the transactionId will be updated
miscPayment.TransactionId = transaction.ID;

In my unit test, I create this object as the comparison:

var fakeMiscPayment = Isolate.Fake.Instance<MiscPayment>(Members.CallOriginal);
fakeMiscPayment.PatientID = patientId;
fakeMiscPayment.MiscPaymentTypeID = miscPaymentTypeId;
fakeMiscPayment.OriginalOrderNumber = originalOrderNumber;
fakeMiscPayment.OriginalStoreNumber = originalStoreNumber;
fakeMiscPayment.TransactionId = transactionId;

And in my Assert section, I want to call this and have it just compare the properties of fakeMiscPayment and MiscPayment (that was submitted in the SaveMiscPayment() method).

Isolate.Verify.WasCalledWithExactArguments(() => fakeTransactionServices.SaveMiscPayment(fakeMiscPayment));

When I do this, I get this error:

TypeMock.VerifyException : 
TypeMock Verification: Method ITransactionServices.SaveMiscPayment(MiscPayment) was called with mismatching arguments
Expected: SaveMiscPayment(IT2.Core.POS.MiscPayment)
Actual:   SaveMiscPayment(IT2.Core.POS.MiscPayment)
The following properties are not equal on the object being passed as argument #1 (of type PosMiscPayment)
   Expected: {  }
   Actual:   {  }

It doesnt actually say what the issue is.  

How can I get this to work?

asked by jim.little (3.6k points)

1 Answer

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The WasCalledWithExactArguments API uses Equals to compare the two object.

You can either implement your Equals in MiscPayment or use .Matching()
answered by eli (5.7k points)