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+1 vote
TM Suggest ignores the selected test framework: e.g. if MSTest is selected, the generated tests still add the \"using NUnit\"
asked by Dmitriy (610 points)

1 Answer

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The type of the test framework in Visual Studio is selected in Typemock\\\\\\\\Options\\\\\\\\Typemock\\\\\\\\Tests Suggestions\\\\\\\\Solution Settings\\\\\\\\Unit test framework combobox. When the TM Suggest is first run and a user saves the output, the generated tests are saved on the test project with the Using\" statements, class and method test attributes corresponding to the selected test framework (the default is NUnit). If the user decides to run the TM Suggest again on the same project at some point in the future, switches the test framework to another one, and saves the tests the generated tests will have the attributes from the new framework. The latter may cause syntax conflicts.
In this case it is recommended to either keep the test framework the same or save the generated tests in a new project.
answered by David (1.9k points)