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We have TypeMock version 8.3 installed on a azure-buildserver.

We are using a vnext-task delivered by this version.

On the same server is visual studio 2017 Enterprise (version 15.9) installed.

When calling the vnext-task and the option codecoverage is off then all the test pass.

When calling the vnext-task and the option codecoverage is on then some of the tests pass but tests with mocking will fail with the following message:

Error Message: Initialization method ODV.APF.Deelnemer.DomainAPI.UnitTests.Facade.TestInitialize threw exception. TypeMock.TypeMockException: TypeMock.TypeMockException: *** Unknown profiler is enabled please contanct with the flowing data: unknown profiler clsid = {9317ae81-bcd8-47b7-aaa1-a28062e41c71}.

Is for this problem a fix possible

asked by Peter Veenendaal (600 points)

1 Answer

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Hey Peter,

What Coverage tool are you using?

Please send us an email to with all the information you provided & Coverage tool you are using and we will take care of it as soon as possible.
answered by CoralTypemock (940 points)