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When run from TeamCity, I am getting the following error when running unit tests that use typemock: [12:25:38]

[VSTest] PlateTech.Agent.Test.AgentInterface_Operations.RejectionResponseReasonList_Test.RejectionResponseReasons_are_properly_converted_to_json
[12:25:38][PlateTech.Agent.Test.AgentInterface_Operations.RejectionResponseReasonList_Test.RejectionResponseReasons_are_properly_converted_to_json] Test method PlateTech.Agent.Test.AgentInterface_Operations.RejectionResponseReasonList_Test.RejectionResponseReasons_are_properly_converted_to_json threw exception: TypeMock.TypeMockException: *** Typemock Isolator is currently disabled. Enable using the following: * Within Visual Studio: - Use Typemock Smart Runner - For other runners, Choose Typemock Menu and click "Integrate with Other Runners" * To run Typemock Isolator as part of an automated process you can: - run tests via TMockRunner.exe command line tool - use 'TypeMockStart' tasks for MSBuild or NAnt For more information consult the documentation (see 'Running Unit Tests in an Automated Build')

 I have followed the the Server Insallation steps outlined here ( and here:

I have also added the "Register Type Mock" task to the Test.csproj

Also I have tried the solution outlined here (

But I still have approximately 100 tests failing. All are Typemock tests. 

All of these tests pass when run locally.


asked by Mark (4.1k points)

1 Answer

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Hi Mark,

It is not so clear which steps were made in your TC build pipeline and which particular tests\ or all of them are failing on run,

Please open a ticket in our support system and provide us with all information and logs so the issue could be investigated, I am sure it will be easy to fix!

Thanks :)
answered by David (1.9k points)