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Hello, is there anyway to recompile the binary libraries via cmake on Windows? I'm attempting to integrate the TypeMock headers and its internals against a MinGW compiler with a GCC version > 6.0.0. This won't compile because it seems to NEED an MSVC compiler. I personally don't use VS, but instead use QtCreator with Qt 5.15.2. Luckily, Qt provides some MSVC compilers, but even those are too new (I'm receiving at the linking phase __MSC_VER__ value 1600 doesn't match value 1900 in one of my .obj files). I feel as though I need a 2013 MSVC compiler. I successfully made via cmake and MinGW on windows a 2019 compatible version of Google Test and can get it working as I want, but I really like the features TypeMock includes that reduces Production code requirements (i,e, protected and virtual function requirements). I've been bashing my head against a wall for quite some time. I just want to be able to compile everything myself, but I noticed in the Isolator.h references to certain Windows specific preprocessor macros, notably the _CPPRTTI macro was claimed to be not defined when attempting to build with MinGW. Is there a way I can modify the Isolator.h to allow it to work with MinGW and my locally built GoogleTest again MinGW?

asked by Blanky (630 points)

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Hi Blanky,

Unfortunately, we don't support running GCC on windows yet.

It's in our RoadMap, but I can't give you an estimation on when it will be implemented.

I will keep you posted, for any progress in the matter.


Alon Sapozhnikov.

Support Specialist.

answered by Alon_TypeMock (9.9k points)
selected by Alon_TypeMock