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Hi all,

according to

i am trying to us the IS<> functionality to check in an assertion, if a function was called with the expected argument. The argument is an enum. I get the following error when trying to run the test:

C++ exception with description "ERROR: Internal Error in predicate - no arg copied" thrown in the test body.

However, if I use for example a std::string type, the assertion works fine. What could be the issue concerning the enum? Thank's a lot in advance.

enum MyEnum
    VAL0 = 0,
    VAL1 = 1
class Person
    void SaveAll(const MyEnum myEnum)
TEST_F(MyTest, AssertCall)
    Person person;
    ASSERT_WAS_CALLED(person.SaveAll(IS<MyEnum>([](const MyEnum& val) {return val == VAL0;})));
asked by jccc_erp (1.1k points)

1 Answer

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Hi Julian,

Thank you for the information, we will dig into it.
I will send you a private mail for you to send me the logs of the run.
You can enable logs in our configuration tool.


Daniel Markov.

Support Specialist.
answered by Daniel Markov (5.8k points)