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I got with COM classes an associated RAII COM classes that do the release when destructor is called (each COM class have is own as the "smart" COM pointer is create by macro).

Sample : CATIAdpPLMIdentificator and CATIAdpPLMIdentificator_var.

I can do a copy (with operator =) in the scope of the test without problem but this assigment failed when the faked pointer is passed in parameter.

Sample code:
First copy is OK. Then go into :
But there, the copy fails:

Do you have a solution for this kind of problem ?

Many thanks.
asked by lcarrera (1.6k points)
edited by lcarrera

1 Answer

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Hi icarrera,Thanks for the input.

Could you please provide a sample code and unit test so that we can have a full image of your issue in order to investigate?

Also, can you please elaborate again on the issue, It's a bit difficult to understand.


answered by Naor_Typemock (1.6k points)

Sorry for the delay...

How can I send you my sample ?

For your info, I'am not the owner of all the code (I depend on a proprietary API based on COM), so you will be not able to compile in your side.

I can also provide you the logs of Typemock.

Many thanks.

Best regards.

Hi Lcarrera,

I will send you a private email.
You can send all the relevant files to that email address.
Please share the logs as well.

Alon Sapozhnikov.
Support Specialist.