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We have a build environment running under .NET 2.0 using CC.Net 1.0, MSBuild, NCover v1.5.4 and NUnit 2 v2.2.7. We are considering using TypeMock.NET as our mock framework of choice. As part of our investigation we need to ensure that it doesn't break the build environment.

We have come across the following error when trying to run unit tests via MSBuild that are making use of TypeMock .NET:

Test: Sanlam.Messages.UnitTest.MessagesFixture.TestPropertyMessageDecoratedDatabaseMessage
Type: Failure
Message: TypeMock.TypeMockException : *** MockInserter not running, please run 'mocking_on.bat' before running the tests

at TypeMock.MockManager.Init(Boolean collectAllCalls)
at TypeMock.MockManager.Init()
at Sanlam.Messages.UnitTest.MessagesFixture.Setup()

Running the mocking_on.bat doesn't solve the problem. Can you please help.
asked by cjlotz (3k points)

4 Answers

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You can use TMockRunner.exe to run the tests (See Running TypeMock.NET)
Our next release is going to include MSBuild and nAnt support, I could send you a beta version of this if you want
answered by scott (32k points)
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A beta would be appreciated. Any idea on how long before the beta goes into release? Does it include documentation surrounding the setup for the new features?
answered by cjlotz (3k points)
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I think we are running into a similar issue here. Can you tell us when the beta will go into release?

Would it be possible to get our hands on this beta in order to verify it on our system?

answered by kiikay (140 points)
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This is implemented in version 3.1 (Professional and Enterprise Editions)
with Nantand MSBuildintegration.
answered by scott (32k points)