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Hi, really wiered behavior! I try running tests from within VS by using the TestDriven.NET and rightcliking on the namespace in the source code file and selecting Test With...->In-Proc, or Test With...->Coverage and i get the mighty error message: ".*** You are running a 64 bit application with TypeMock.NET 32 bit.
Please install TypeMock.NET x64.
Note: .NET 2.0 applications will by default run on 64 bit".

However, if i select from the right-click menu Run Test(s), which launches the TestDriven.NET server, the test are running just fine.
If I eventually try to install the 64 bit version, i get the message that the processor is incompitable, which is rather logical, since i run a P4 CPU.
I depend enormously on the code coverage in my code, and I presume i am not the only one, so please take a look at this issue and let me know if there is a roundabout or a quick fix.
Thank you in advance
asked by cyberbyber (640 points)

3 Answers

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The message is incorrect and the real issue is that TypeMock.NET is not running in those scenarios.

While doing Coverage you have to link the TypeMock to the Coverage Tool.
(You might have to disable TypeMock.NET, depending on the TestDriven version you have)
See Code Coverage with TypeMock.NET

We are working on a better TestDriven/TypeMock Integration and the next versions will have an amazing support (and we will fix the bogus error)
answered by scott (32k points)
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Well, I disabled TypeMock.NET, but this caused the whole test fixture to fail, since I initialize the mock framework in the TestFixtureSetUp. This apperantly is not an option for me, neither for anyone in our team.
Unfortunately I cannot link the mocker to a coverage tool either, since the "Link ..." button is permanently disabled. I am using the coverage tool that comes with the TestDriven.NET.
We've spent enormous effort in having a stable testing framework with reliable results, since the MS guys posponed several times the TS release. Currently we are on the last mile in code coverage, meaning we add tests that use the type mocking to simulate conditions not being able to simulate before.
Isn't there any way we can force this to run?
answered by cyberbyber (640 points)
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A license is required to run Code Coverage and TypeMock together,
Make sure that the license key you recieved is registered
Just link TypeMock with NCover.

The latest TestDriven version has better a message in this scenario and will automatically link the correct Coverage for you :-)
answered by scott (32k points)