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We have been seeing many uses of TypeMock integrations.
We want to help make the integration easier by supplying a dll/code that can be distributed to help with TypeMock Integrations.

Here are the API's that we propose.
Feel free to comment about these API's

1. TypeMock.IsInstalled();
2. TypeMock.GetInstallationDirectory();
3. TypeMock.LinkCoverage("YourFavoriteCoverage_Profiler");
4. ProcessInfo = TypeMock.EnableTypeMock(ProcessInfo)
using (TypeMock.EnabledForNewProcess())
asked by scott (32k points)

1 Answer

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Being able to determine if TypeMock is enabled (not just installed, but running) from within a process/thread might be helpful, too:

answered by tillig (6.7k points)