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I seem to be having the opposite problem that the person in this thread ( was having. I have an interface derived from another interface. I have events defined in each. I can successfully mock the events in the base interface, but I cannot use the ones defined in the derived interface. Here's some sample code. The MockedEvent I get from this code points to the base interface's event. When I try to mock only the derived event, I get an exception saying that no events were mocked when I try to fire the event.

namespace Tests
    public interface IBase
        event EventHandler<EventArgs> BaseEvent1;

    public interface IDerived : IBase
        event EventHandler<EventArgs> DerivedEvent1;

    public class EventSubscriber
        private IDerived obj;

        public EventSubscriber(IDerived arg)
            obj = arg;
            obj.BaseEvent1 += BaseEvent1Handler;
            obj.DerivedEvent1 += DerivedEvent1Handler;

        private void DerivedEvent1Handler(object sender, EventArgs e) {}

        private void BaseEvent1Handler(object sender, EventArgs e) {}

    public class EventTests
        public void test_event_hookups()
            IDerived obj = RecorderManager.CreateMockedObject<IDerived>(StrictFlags.ArbitraryMethodsAllowed);

            MockedEvent baseEvent, derivedEvent;
            using (RecordExpectations recorder = RecorderManager.StartRecording())
                obj.BaseEvent1 += null;
                baseEvent = RecorderManager.LastMockedEvent;
                obj.DerivedEvent1 += null;
                derivedEvent = RecorderManager.LastMockedEvent;
            EventSubscriber subscriber = new EventSubscriber(obj);
            baseEvent.Fire(null, null);
            derivedEvent.Fire(null, null);  // this incorrectly points to the baseEvent

How can I successfully mock my derived interface's event? I'm using the TypeMock evaluation version

asked by cfarmerga (1.8k points)

2 Answers

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Hi Chris,

you have found a bug :twisted:
We will fix this and send you a patch.
answered by lior (13.2k points)
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The fix for the bug is part of the Typemock Isolator 4.2 version.
You can download it here:
answered by gilz (14.5k points)