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Inside of one of my methods I have this:

string key = "close";
string script = "<script>...</script>";
((Page)HttpContext.Current.CurrentHandler).ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(typeof(string),key, script);

It seems complex to me. How could I mock the bold line?

Should I write 5 mock statements for each property or method :(?

Many thanks
asked by Ben (3k points)

11 Answers

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As far as I understand the purpose of the test, you want to verify that the client script is registered. Using Ivonna, I wouldn't mock anything, just execute the request and verify that the script appears on the page:

string script = "<script>...</script>";
var session = new TestSession();
string pageBody = session.ProcessRequest(new WebRequest("Default.aspx")).BodyAsString;


This is not very different from what you would do with WatiN or Selenium, except that you don't need a Web server running.

As for using the code suggested above, the results are unpredictable, since Ivonna mocks HttpContext internally and relies on the CurrentHandler property.

answered by ulu (1.7k points)