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I am trying to measure performance of some code, and I use TypeMock Isolator to fake part that is not relevant for me. Then I run a session with Red Gate's ANTS profiler and enable TypeMock using TMockRunner.

The session runs fine, but the problem is that ANTS Profiler does not see the source code which makes the whole session useless. If I run the session without TMockRunner then the source is detected but I get no fakes.

Since both Isolator and ANTS are profilers, I understand they may interfere with each other. Does it mean there is no chance of getting them work together properly?
asked by vagif (19.4k points)

12 Answers

0 votes
At the moment integration does not work at all! Even with DotTrace 3.1 that is a biggest pain for us (((
answered by tom3m (9.7k points)
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I just verified that dotTrace works with Isolator. I'll contact you offline to see what problem did you encounter.

Typemock Support
answered by Elisha (12k points)