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I have a static class something like this:
public static class IAmAStaticClass
        public static AvailabilityLevel GetInfo(string info)

        public enum AvailabilityLevel
            NOT_AVAILABLE = 0,
            MESG_FAILED = 1,
            AVAILABLE = 2,


I can't figure out how to fake, skip, swap GetInfo(). When I try to do:

I get this syntax erroir:
'IAmAStaticClass': static types cannot be used as type arguments

Can anybody think of a way I can get around this issue? I can't make remove the "static" attribute from the class declaration.
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3 Answers

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Static classes cannot be used as generic parameters (i.e. they cannot be T in List<T>). You can use the non-generic overload for this, passing the type of the static ciass:


Alternatively, you can make IAmAStaticClass non-static, but that's up to you.
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Thanks for your quick response, but I'm having trouble making it work. My code is this:

                (string info) => IAmAStaticClass.GetInfo(info))
                .AndArgumentsMatch((info) => info == "boo")

The exception was:

{"The type initializer for 'IAmAStaticClass' threw an exception."}

it is occurred on the WhenCalled line -- is there something elec I need to do to get it to fake it? It wasn't supposed to call it there, I was trying to fake the return value there.
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Ah, I think I know what's going on. In your case, you should use


to prevent the cctor from executing. When you use Isolate.WhenCalled, you can specify any method you want, fake or "live", and its behavior will be overwritten, you don't need to explicitly call Fake.StaticMethod().

Also, you can use the Isolator API to verify the argument like this:

string info = "foo";
Isolate.WhenCalled(() => IAmAStaticClass.GetInfo(info))

By using WithExactArguments you instruct Isolator to check the argument values. They are ignored by default.

Hope that helps.
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