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When run test on VS2012 with Isolator 7.1.7, I get the following error message :
"Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program".
See joined file.

Can anyone help me ?

asked by nadjalla (600 points)

4 Answers

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If the machine is installed with the latest windows update than this is probably the reason.
There are some breaking changes to the .net framework that cause the Isolator to fail. We are working to fix it and we'll release the update ASAP.

So far we identified 2 potential problematic updates:



If you're positive that these 2 updates have not been installed on your computer, but you still encounter issues using Typemock Isolator – please contact us immediately.

We will keep you updated in the upcoming days.
answered by NofarC (4k points)
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Same error for Isolator 7.1.6.
answered by aklefdal (180 points)
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That is correct. This is not a modification we did in Isolator, and the Microsoft update affects different versions of Isolator.
We hope to have a patch soon.
answered by gilz (14.5k points)
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We've been working hard to make this patch, and we want to thank you for your patience. While it's not complete yet, and requires more testing, we decided to release it, so you can get to normal work as soon as possible.
You can download the patch from here: ... e7.2.0.msi
Please note that it may require uninstalling the current installed version of Isolator.

We will soon release a full upgrade, after we complete our testing.
We'd like to know if this solves your issues. If you still experience problems, let us know immediately, so we can make the necessary fixes.


Gil Zilberfeld
Product Manager, Typemock
answered by gilz (14.5k points)