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I am evaluating TypeMock Isolator for potential purchase for my development team, which is tasked with working on some gnarly legacy code. Upon initial setup of TypeMock, and running the TestRunner against all C# tests in our current codebase, I noticed about 70 of them failed. After some more digging, I was able to see a pattern - these were all tests that use the TestCase(...) nUnit syntax, and also depend on some object that was created in a SetUp function.

By performing careful debugging, I was able to confirm that, when TestCase(...) is used on a test, the SetUp function was never entered, and thusly, any objects the tests were counting on to be instantiated there were null during the test, which explains the NullReferenceExceptions these tests were all showing when run under the TypeMock Test Runner.

Is there a configuration solution to this, or otherwise an explanation as to why SetUp functions are not being called for these tests? I'm using version 7.5, for which the release notes claim support for TestCase(...) style nUnit tests, and, of course, SetUp functions work just fine with the other nUnit tests that do not use TestCase(...) iterations.

Thanks in advance for any help!

asked by ZynxAR (1.1k points)

1 Answer

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The issue is already fixed and we sent you a patch.
This fix will be available in versions later than 7.5.
answered by alex (17k points)