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As mentioned in title, I'm trying to verify non public static method called with arguements with one of the argument is a Predicate.

I checked that the Predicate return the expected value I want and in fact, I double check that all input arguements are correct as expected 

However, Typemock still throw

TypeMock.VerifyException : 
TypeMock Verification: Method FakeMethod(True /* the result of predicate */ ) was called with mismatching arguments
Anyone has any idea if this is a limitation of Typemock ?
asked by cscmh99 (6.1k points)

1 Answer

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I'm not sure that I fully understand the problem.

Bar is a private static method with a predicate argument.

public class Foo
    public static void BarWrapper()
        int b = 1;
        Bar(a => a > b);

    private static void Bar(Predicate<int> a)

Here I call BarWrapper which calls Bar.
I first fake bar using callOriginal, tos signal Isolator to track this method, then verify it wascalled.

public void TestMethod1()
    Isolate.NonPublic.WhenCalled(typeof(Foo), "Bar").CallOriginal();


    Isolate.Verify.NonPublic.WasCalled(typeof(Foo), "Bar");


Let me know if this is the case post an example of your code.


answered by alex (17k points)
Can you try Verify WithExactArgument or Verify WithArgument ?

I mean, make sure the Bar is called with "a > b" as predicate ?
How would you normally compare 2 Predicats?