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I've read your blog that provides an incomplete example of a custom task that can be used to run your unit tests with TypeMock. It states that "The full script will be available as part of the installation in the upcoming release". It's been two and a half months since that post. Is there any update as to when the next release will be?

Thanks in advance
asked by csantos (2.8k points)

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The full script will be available staring from version 8.3.


Use the link below to download the RC version.

The script is a part of the TFS scriptable build an is located at:

"<installation folder>BuildScriptsTFSTFS2015TFS2015ScriptVSTestWithTypemock.ps1"

answered by alex (17k points)
selected by csantos
Isolator 8.3 is released and available at

Typemock vNext build step is a part of the installation.

See here: