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Hi Team,

We are upgrading Typemock from version 8.4 to version 8.6(TypemockIsolatorSuite-  I got an exception in one of the test, 

Please find the following code snippet simplifies and illustrates the issue
Sample VB.Net Code
Public Enum StateChange
    BySystem = 0
End Enum
Public Class Class1
    Private Sub Method1(ByRef ShowNormal As Boolean, Optional ByRef StateEditType As StateChange = -1)
    End Sub
    Public Sub Test()
    End Sub
End Class
Typemock UnitTest Code
Private target As New SampleAppn.Class1
<TestMethod()> _
    Public Sub Test()
        Dim bShowNormal As Boolean = False
        Dim mock As Mock = MockManager.MockAll(GetType(SampleAppn.Class1))
        mock.ExpectCall("Method1", 1).Args(New Assign(bShowNormal), New Assign(-1))
    End Sub

In the above code, the second parameter I am passing is of enum type, am actually passing integer value causing exception. 

The same code is working fine in TypeMock Version 8.4. Please help us to resolve in Typemock 8.6 Version.


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1 Answer

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Hey Satanova,

Thank you for your question.

Please see the answer on the following link:

Cheers, Sapir. 

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