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Does Typemock support FsCheck? I know it supports Xunit and I am using the FsCheck.Xunit package. This gives me a Property attribute that inherits from Xunit's Fact attribute. However, my tests are not recognized by Typemock.

This is such a test for example:


public void ReturnsTrueForValidEmail(MailAddress email)


    var validator = new EmailValidator();

    var result = validator.IsValidEmail(email.Address);


As you can see, the tests are not found:


Tools like ReSharper and the Visual Studio Test Explorer recognize the tests and run them fine.

asked by petermorlion (640 points)
edited by petermorlion

1 Answer

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Hi peter,

That\\\'s a great question.

We are checking the matter.

We will keep you posted.
answered by Alon_TypeMock (9k points)