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i saw in the help that this new class can help us build custom failure messages but can't figure out how
asked by tolisss (28.8k points)

1 Answer

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Please note that I talked to the development guys and they said that this classes API are liable to change in a future release.
Anyway here is a small example:
This class can be used with the ParameterCheckerEx delegate.

public static bool Check(ParameterCheckerEventArgs args)
   // our parameter should be > 4.
   if ((int)arg.ArgumentValue > 4) 
       return true;
   // Display a validation error.
   // Make a formated message that should look like:
   // in TestedClass.MyMethod parameter 1
   //    expected: Greater then 4
   //      but was: <value>
   VerifyMessageBuilder builder = 
       new VerifyMessageBuilder(string.Empty,null);
   builder.SetMessage(args," Greater then",4,args.ArgumentValue);

   return false;

public void ParameterChecker()
      // Mock our class
      Mock mock = MockManager.Mock(typeof(TestedClass));
      // Set Expectations
answered by scott (32k points)