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i do not know what exactly happen but i keep getting the message stated in the subject
asked by tolisss (28.8k points)

6 Answers

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Hi, please send the complete message and what to do to get this message
(i.e. are you building or running NUnit GUi or something else)

Also please tell me what version of TypeMock is installed. I would also fix that version and see if the problem still happens
answered by scott (32k points)
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Hi Scott

i m on the latest version and using testdriven addin and this is the exact message i get

Test Execution
Exploring Pharmaxis, Version=1.0.2400.30093, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
MbUnit Addin
Found 1 tests
[failure] Class1.MethodName
TestCase 'Class1.MethodName' failed: The type initializer for "DevExpress.Xpo.XPBaseObject" threw an exception.
   Message: The type initializer for "DevExpress.Xpo.XPBaseObject" threw an exception.
   Source: DevExpress.XPO
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPBaseObject..ctor(Session session)
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPLiteObject..ctor(Session session)
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPObjectType..ctor(Session session, String assemblyName, String typeName)
   at DevExpress.Xpo.Helpers.XPObjectTypesManager.get_AllTypes()
   at DevExpress.Xpo.Session.BuildTypeCriteria(XPClassInfo classInfo, CriteriaOperator criteria)
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPCollection.BuildTypeCriteria()
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPCollection.BuildCriteria()
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPCollection.LoadContent()
   C:\NET Solutions\C#\WM\WM.FrameWork\XPOHelpers\Collections\DBCollection.cs(178,0): at WM.FrameWork.XPOHelpers.Collections.DBCollection.LoadContent()
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPCollection.Load()
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPCollection.System.Collections.IEnumerable.GetEnumerator()
   c:\net solutions\c#\wm\wm.framework\xpohelpers\datamover.cs(161,0): at WM.FrameWork.XPOHelpers.DataMover.moveCollection(DBCollection dbCollection, Hashtable[] hashtables)
   c:\net solutions\c#\wm\wm.framework\xpohelpers\datamover.cs(152,0): at WM.FrameWork.XPOHelpers.DataMover.moveCollection(dbObjectComparer[] dbObjectComparers)
   c:\net solutions\c#\wm\wm.framework\xpohelpers\datamover.cs(48,0): at WM.FrameWork.XPOHelpers.DataMover.MoveData(Type[] excludedTypes)
   c:\net solutions\c#\wm\pharmaxis\class1.cs(36,0): at Pharmaxis.Class1.MethodName()
   Inner Exception
   Message: File or assembly name TypeMock, or one of its dependencies, was not found.
   Source: DevExpress.XPO
   at DevExpress.Xpo.XPBaseObject..cctor()
answered by tolisss (28.8k points)
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Please tell me what TypeMock.dll versions are installed in the GAC
answered by scott (32k points)
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there was 3 versions but now there is only 1 the latest and the exception remains
answered by tolisss (28.8k points)
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Hi tolisss
We found the problem with the help of your logs.
We will soon have a patch.
Thanks for your help. :D
answered by ohad (35.5k points)
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Hi tolisss

I sent you the patch.
Please tell me if it solves your problem.
answered by ohad (35.5k points)