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I installed TypeMock in Vista RC2. It installed without an error and seems to be working. I moved a project over from an XP machine and all the tests that used mock objects passed. Hooray! I know Vista is still beta so supporting it is much appreciated!

The only problem I’ve seen is that the Add-in doesn’t load. When I start VS2005 I get the following error:

The Add-in ‘TypeMock.NET’failed to load or caused an exception.
Would you like to remove this Add-in?
If you choose yet, the file is was loaded from,
2005.AddIn’, will be renamed.

Error Message: Access is denied.

Error Number: 80070005

Obviously a security issue. I’m too tired to work with it yet tonight. Tomorrow I’ll check user rights, registry, etc. I’m still getting used to the security changes with Vista.

asked by TerryDiederich (1.2k points)

1 Answer

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Please make sure that you have write access to HKLMSoftwareTypeMockTypeMock.NET
answered by scott (32k points)