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I'm having trouble setting up a mocked HttpSession where I have different keys and want to return the same value for each key. Here is a rough break down of the method I am testing:

            String previousaction = (String)context.Session["previous action"];
            if (previousaction == null || previousaction.Length == 0)
                Log("Previous action not valid");
                return false;

            // We weren't called from ShowLogin. So do that instead of this.
            if (!previousaction.Equals("show login"))
                context.Session.Remove("previous action");
                return false;

            // Check that this is not the fourth attempt at logging in and that
            // the account is not locked.
            int attempts = 0;
            if (context.Session["attempts"] != null)
                attempts = (int)context.Session["attempts"];

So I always want to return the same value for a given parameter. This
is my current test setup for the state (I've got the context stuff setup as per my previous post):

// Setup a valid post - these are correct user credentials
            NameValueCollection formvars = new NameValueCollection();
            formvars.Add("USERNAME", "proctos");
            // This is wrong - need the right password before running this method!!
            formvars.Add("PASSWORD", "testing");
            this.mockHttpRequest.ExpectGetAlways("Form", formvars);

            // Setup a valid session.
            // We originally showed the login form. Now we are accepting login details
            this.mockHttpSessionState.ExpectGetIndexAlways("show login").Args("previous action");
            this.mockHttpSessionState.ExpectGetIndexAlways("accept login").Args("action");

Trouble is, when the test runs I'm getting errors because I don't think I'm using ExpectGetIndexAlways correctly.

My aim is to be able to setup a session environment tailored to a code path and then be able to test that the correct code path executes, the correct session vars are set and cleared (and so on).

Any advice?

Ta, S
asked by simonpro (1.8k points)

3 Answers

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8) This is what Conditional Expectations are for.
Using this you can mock according to passed arguments.
The only thing is that it is an Exterprise Feature.
Here is how
this.mockHttpSessionState.ExpectGetIndexAlways("show login").When("previous action");
this.mockHttpSessionState.ExpectGetIndexAlways("accept login").When("action");

:idea: You could use DynamicReturnValues to return this but it will make your code less readable
answered by scott (32k points)
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Ahh so close! Of course its obvious to me now!!

Thanks a lot for this - its a big help. In case you can't tell, I've only been using Typemock for about a day :)
answered by simonpro (1.8k points)
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If you are only using TypeMock for a day, you are doing really well.
There are many other features and I hope that our documentation is good enough.
Of course we would like to hear if you have any comments, suggestions or criticism.
answered by scott (32k points)